For many years, J. Paul Taylor has taken people through his beloved home explaining its architecture, contents, and history. He especially enjoys visits from school children who are challenged to guess the purpose of old tools and are captivated by stories about life in the Taylor family. Through the unique experience offered by these tours, visitors have been able to better understand and appreciate the traditions, culture, and lifestyles of the people who settled the Mesilla Valley. Preservation of the Taylor home as a state historic site will continue this educational tradition for generations to come.


Because Mr. Taylor still lives in the home, the monument is not open to the public at this time.  However, in conjunction with the Friends, Mr. Taylor does host tours, special events, and school programs on a limited basis.

If you are interested in a tour, please contact us at:


9th Graders from Las Cruces High School - Spring of 2014 -
an educational experience taken to a whole new wonderful!
Board Member Diane Lilley
Chair of the Education Committee

She is so competent and focused on the kids who come to tour the TBRM that she never fails to help achieve memorable experiences for our visitors!
She is also known for her impeccable planning and execution skills that make our tours succeed above and beyond expectations.
Her infectious enthusiasm is NEVER missed, and ALWAYS appreciated, as the Thank You Note demonstrates.

Really? "We're gonna make adobes?"
J. PAUL TAYLOR and school children? Say HELLO to magnetism!
Children at the Taylor home?  YES - more than a few & in residence early!
(Spoiler Alert: one of the photos in the slideshow below depicts the Taylor kids)

In the fall of 2011, FTFM worked with teachers from the Mesilla Park Elementary School to tour 75 fifth graders through the Taylor home's Historic Monument.


During the spring of 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 we worked with teachers from the J. Paul Taylor Academy on demonstration projects to develop prototype tours for school children, including visits to the classroom before and after the tours, and preparation of educational materials for the children. Over 350 kids and teachers in grades K through 6 benefited from this project.


What the children who toured the Taylor Family Monument presented to J Paul Taylor to show their appreciation!